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Registered population up by 1,087 persons

~ 58,278 listed in Civil Registry ~

By Judy H. Fitzpatrick

PHILIPSBURG--A total of 58,278 persons were registered as living in St. Maarten at the end of 2014, figures provided by the Department of Civil Registry via the Press Secretariat show.

This number is up from the 57,191 persons who were registered in St. Maarten in 2013, Department official Kathy Snijders said. A total of 212 immigrants became Dutch citizens in 2014. More than 6,000 registered persons have dual nationality.

The biggest block of residents registered was from the former Netherlands Antilles. A total of 18,008 (9,132 men and 8,876 women) were from the former Netherlands Antilles. There were separate listings identifying 1,839 St. Maarteners (953 men and 886 women); 61 Arubans (36 men and 25 women); and 17 Curaçaoleneans (10 men and 7 women) registered at the Department after St. Maarten became a country within the Dutch Kingdom on October 10, 2010.

A total of 1,504 persons from the Netherlands were registered (797 men and 707 women).

Some of the larger immigrant blocks registered were 6,434 persons from the Dominican Republic (2,446 men and 3,988 women); 5,065 from Haiti (3,279 men and 1,786 women); 3,391 from Guadeloupe (1,616 men and 1,775 women); 3,188 Jamaicans (1,371 men and 1,817 women); 2,526 from Dominica (1,132 men and 1,394 women); 2,453 persons from Guyana (1,786 persons from Guyana post-independence: 876 men and 910 women; and 667 from Guyana pre-independence: 335 men and 312 women); 1,962 from the United States of America and American islands (1,752 from USA: 866 men and 886 women; and 210 from American islands: 106 men and 104 women); 1,905 from India (1,230 men and 675 women); 1,575 from St. Kitts-Nevis (746 men and 829 women); 886 from France (486 men and 400 women); 878 Chinese (482 men and 396 women); 783 from Suriname (362 men and 421 women); 778 St. Lucians (423 men and 355 women); 661 Anguillians (310 men and 351 women); 451 Colombians (169 men and 282 women); and 440 from Trinidad and Tobago (232 men and 208 women).

Five unknown nationalities (2 men and 3 women) were listed. According to the figures, there were 8 persons from Algeria (4 men and 4 women); 155 Antiguans (81 men and 74 women); 31 from Antigua and Barbuda (16 men and 15 women); 29 Argentineans (16 men and 13 women); 23 Australians (14 men and 9 women); 8 persons from the Bahamas (3 men and 5 women); 125 Barbadians (67 men and 58 women); 52 from Belgium (29 men and 23 women); 4 from Belize (3 men and 1 woman); 32 Bolivians (19 men and 13 women); 19 persons from West Germany (8 men and 11 women); 23 Brazilians (11 men and 12 women); 2 from British Africa (1 man and 1 woman); 2 women from the British Indian Ocean Territory; 2 women from the British West Indies; 11 from the British Virgin Islands (5 men and 6 women); 10 from Bulgaria (5 men and 5 women); 270 Canadians (136 men and 134 women); 4 from Ceylon (2 men and 2 women); 5 Chileans (3 men and 2 women); 2 Costa Ricans (1 man and 1 woman); 23 Cubans (10 men and 13 women); 17 from Denmark (7 men and 10 women); 57 from Germany (27 men and 30 women); 11 from Ecuador (6 men and 5 women); 10 from Egypt (4 men and 6 women); 2 from Estonia (1 man and 1 woman); 2 women from Ethiopia; 197 from the Philippines (99 men and 98 women); 6 from Finland (3 men and 3 women); 10 from French Guiana (4 men and 6 women); 10 from Ghana (6 men and 4 women); 205 persons from Grenada (114 men and 91 women); 6 from Greece (3 men and 3 women); 198 from Great Britain (106 men and 92 women); 8 from Guatemala (5 men and 3 women); 6 from Honduras (2 men and 4 women); 6 from Hungary (3 men and 3 women); 47 from Hong Kong (26 men and 21 women); 15 from Ireland (11 men and 4 women); 16 from Indonesia (7 men and 16 women); 6 from Iran (3 men and 3 women); 50 from Israel (34 men and 16 women); 110 from Italy (86 men and 24 women); 38 Japanese (24 men and 14 women); 13 Yugoslavians (10 men and 3 women); 93 from Jordan (62 men and 31 women); 51 from Kuwait (31 men and 20 women); 4 from Korea (2 men and 2 women); 1 man and 1 woman from Kashmir; 35 from Lebanon (25 men and 10 women); 9 from Liberia (5 men and 4 women); 2 from Lithuania (1 man and 1 woman); 5 women from Malaysia; 37 persons from Morocco (21 men and 16 women); 18 from Martinique (7 men and 11 women); 2 from Mauritius (1 man and 1 woman); 37 from Mexico (21 men and 16 women); 96 from Montserrat (54 men and 42 women); 14 from the Dutch East Indies (7 men and 7 women); 9 from Nepal (5 men and 4 women); 2 from Nicaragua (1 man and 1 woman); 7 from New Zealand (4 men and 3 women); 52 from Nigeria (28 men and 24 women); 4 men from Norway; 9 from Austria (6 men and 3 women); 41 from Pakistan (23 men and 18 women); 5 from Palestine (3 men and 2 women); 10 from Panama (5 men and 5 women); 5 from Paraguay(3 men and 2 women); 64 from Peru (34 men and 30 women); 11 from Poland (6 men and 5 women); 10 from Portugal (2 men and 8 women): 126 from Puerto Rico (58 men and 68 women); 14 from Romania (2 men and 12 women); nine persons born in the former British colony of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla (5 men and 4 women); 4 from Saudi Arabia (1 man and 3 women); 3 from Sierra Leone (2 men and 1 woman); 20 from Singapore (10 men and 10 women); 240 from St. Vincent and the Grenadines (126 men and 114 women); 27 from the Soviet Union (4 men and 23 women); 24 from Spain (seven men and 17 women); 12 from Sri Lanka (8 men and 4 women); 13 from Syria (10 men and 3 women); 5 from Taiwan (2 men and 3 women); 2 men from Tanganyika; 8 from Thailand (5 men and 3 women); 5 from Czech Republic (post dissolution of Czechoslovakia: 3 men and 2 women); 4 from Czechoslovakia (pre-dissolution: 2 men and 2 women); 12 from Tunisia (9 men and 3 women); 51 from Turkey (33 men and 18 women); 5 from Turks and Caicos (2 men and 3 women); 3 from Uruguay (2 men and 1 woman); 186 from Venezuela (94 men and 92 women); 26 from Vietnam (11 men and 15 women); 2 women from Zambia; 83 from South Africa (49 men and 34 women); 4 from Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe: 1 man and 3 women); 7 from Sweden (1 man and 6 women) and 14 from Switzerland (7 men and 7 women).

Also registered were one man each from Afghanistan, French West Africa, Kenya, Angola, Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo), Guam, Dutch New Guinea (now part of Indonesia), Guinea; Laos, Latvia, Hawaii, Iceland, Ivory Coast, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) , Senegal, St. Eustatius, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, South Vietnam, West Africa, East Germany, El Salvador and Zaire and one woman each from Eritrea, Belarus, British Raj (Royal India), Cayman Islands, Gold Coast (now Ghana), Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), Cambodia, Libya, Malta, Oman and Somalia and French Cameroons (now Cameroon).

These figures only account for persons who are living on the island legally and have registered at the Department of Civil Registry. Persons who are living under the radar and are undocumented are not taken into account in these figures.

Ribbon cutting launches new season of Tuesday Nights

page8b204MARIGOT--The 13th edition of "Les Mardis de Grand Case" kicked off Tuesday evening with a ribbon cutting outside the Lolos at 6:00 where scores of tourists had already descended on the main boulevard, making sure to come early to secure a parking spot for the first of what will be eight weekly events every Tuesday night in season.

Organized each year by Calypso Events, Tuesday Nights has become one of the most successful events in the calendar drawing tourists and locals alike to the boulevard that is transformed into a pedestrian-only street market. The unique ambiance is further enhanced by carnival parades, live bands and street performers.

Organizer Chantal Vernusse disclosed the entire length of the boulevard will be lined with 123 stall holders.

President of the Collectivité Aline Hanson cut the ribbon to open the event. Also present were MP Daniel Gibbs, President of St. Martin Tourism Office Jeanne Rogers- Vanterpool, Vice-Presidents Ramona Connor and Wendell Cocks, various Territorial Councillors, Philipe Thevenet from the St. Martin Hotel Association, and Jose Manriques from the Restaurants Association.

Prefet Philippe Chopin was not present but was represented by his Chef de Cabinet Emmanuel Effantin.

Opening remarks were made by Aline Hanson, Daniel Gibbs and Jeanne Rogers-Vanterpool.

While the event attracts between 2 to 3,000 persons each Tuesday night, this year it has been reduced from its normal run of 12 Tuesday nights down to eight with a smaller budget because of a lack of local sponsors.

Vernusse and her team of nine have said they prefer to organize eight events well rather than try to stretch out the last four which may turn out to be less than well organized.

"St. Martin Tourism Office and the Collectivité understand the importance of this event for locals and tourists and I invite Chantal to come to the tourism office so that we can take another look and see what we can do to help," said Rogers Vanterpool. "When it comes to animation for tourists this event is right up there and something we always promote with tour operators and travel agents."

The tourism office contributes 20,000 euros annually to the event.

Accident victim transferred to Guadeloupe in critical condition

MARIGOT--A young man who was seriously injured in a motorbike accident in French Quarter on Sunday morning was transferred to Guadeloupe for an emergency operation, after sustaining a head injury and remains in critical condition, the Gendarmerie confirmed.

Capitaine Sylvain Jouault indicated that a number of youths had been drag racing in French Quarter on Sunday morning around 10:00. The 17-year-old accident victim, who has not been named, was executing a wheelie whilst overtaking a car, but was struck head-on by another car coming in the opposite direction. He was not wearing a helmet.

The Gendarmerie did not confirm that the victim was run over by the car, as the social media reported.

The Gendarmerie, in cooperation with the Prefecture recently conducted an intervention in the Lycée to warn students of the dangers of riding scooters and motorbikes without helmets and protective clothing. It appears the warnings have gone unheeded. Black silhouettes to remember the victims of fatal accidents on two wheels were also placed around the French side.

In a separate incident last Friday evening in French Quarter, a drunk driver, who had reportedly stolen a car, crashed it into a passenger bus. The driver of the bus was injured in the accident and had to be assisted out of the vehicle. The intoxicated driver was said to be arrested. The Gendarmerie had no comment on this particular incident.

Neglected children taken into police care

COLE BAY--Three young children were taken into police care after they were found in a neglected state on Monday. The children, ages two to six, were said to have been locked inside a residential house in the Wellington Road area with no adult supervision, Police Spokesman Inspector Henson confirmed.

A neighbour became suspicious and observed the children through a window, before contacting police. According to the neighbour this is not the first time the children were left unattended.

The police took the children to a safe place and handed them over to the Court of Guardianship, Henson said. Officers are now looking to speak to the children's mother.

Suspect arrested in Rooftop Bar murder

PHILIPSBURG--A twenty-four-year-old man with the initials L.A.D. has recently been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the murder of Junior Bertin-Maurice, who was shot dead outside the Rooftop Bar on A. Th. Illidge Road on August 16, 2014.

Spokeswoman for the Prosecutors Office Tineke Kamps confirmed this on Monday. She said that the suspect in the case, which is known as the Calabash Investigation, was arrested in Pointe Blanche Prison, where he was serving a prison sentence for an unrelated case.

The man is now also in pre-trial detention for the murder. He will today be brought before the Judge of Instruction, who will test the legalities of the arrest before the pre-trial detention is confirmed. For the suspect, it will not make much of a difference as he is already serving a sentence.

In an invited comment, Kamps stated that the investigation team has carefully examined any potential links between the murder of Bertin-Maurice and a second murder, on September 1, 2014, in which Liscania Maduro was found murdered in the trunk of her own car, however, so far, no evidence has been found to suggest that the two cases were linked.

Rumours on the island suggested the two cases may be linked, as Bertin-Maurice, who had been inside the nightclub, had been called to come outside by a young woman shortly before he was shot.

Anyone with any information about the murder of Maduro, or about any other murder case, is asked to contact Philipsburg Police Station or call the anonymous tip-line on tel. 9300.

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