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Hotseat - Ashneil Sakhrani

826_Hotseat~ Ambitious, young St. Maarten pilot ~

Meet Ashneil Sakhrani who reaches for the skies almost daily!

Where did you grow up?

I lived in Saunders with my dad, mom and younger brother. Apart from going to school at St. Dominic and Learning Unlimited, I spent most of my time on the basketball court or on Maho Beach plane spotting.

When did your love for airplanes start?

As early as I can...

Hotseat - Chemaine Petit-Booi

825_hotseatCreativity runs through the veins of Chemaine Petit-Booi. The 29-year-old is fascinated by all things beautiful and...

Hotseat - Bernadine van Veen-Richardson

824_Out_HotseatDirector of Religious Education at St. Martin of Tours Parish, Bernadine van Veen-Richardson was recently elected...

Hotseat -Cleon Fredrick

823_hotseatWhen it comes to creativity and ambition; home-grown graphic artist, businessman, promoter, family-man and happy...

Hotseat - Paulo Figueiredo

822_HotseatIn the Hotseat with Paulo Figueiredo

 In a perfect world, everybody should do what they really love.

ILTT brought...

Hotseat - Humbertho Richard Albert

819_hotseatCoast Guard Captain Humbertho Richard Albert is one of the countless members of the disciplined services who, in many...

Hotseat - Gary Brown

818_hotseatOfficially, Gary Brown is the editor of All At Sea magazine. However, he's also an author, journalist and broadcaster...

Hotseat - Neil Maher

817_HotseatMeet Irish sailing instructor Neil Maher, who runs the Youth Sailing programme for Sint Maarten Yacht Club. He is a...

Hotseat - Pepijn Brandenberg

816_hotseat~ Physical therapist & DJ ~

About two and a half years ago, Pepijn Brandenberg moved to St. Maarten, leaving...

Hotseat - Heather Caputo

813_HitseatMeet long-term St. Maarten resident and Domino's franchisee Heather Caputo, who describes herself as a "mother, wife...

Hotseat - Shawn York

811_HotseatWhere did you grow up and go to school?

I was born in St. Maarten and grew up in Sucker Garden. My mom passed away...

Hotseat - Laura Bijnsdorp

810_hotseatNot many people are under 25 and have grown up in St. Maarten, lived in a rural community in Tanzania, completed a...

Hotseat - Devonte Leslie

809_HotseatCurran Pierre, otherwise known as X104.3FM's "Devonte Leslie" or "Snow", is a down-to-earth and headstrong individual...

Hotseat - Pierre Guyot

808_HotseatChef at The Charter House.

Pierre Guyot is a seasoned French chef who whips up his magic in the restaurant at...

Hotseat - Romeo Marrishaw

807_HotseatBusinessman Romeo Marrishaw has worked in business for many years, but his latest venture to operate his own business...

Hotseat - Deon Gumbs

806_HotseatSt. Maarten-born Dion Gumbs is a singer-songwriter who enjoys Gospel music. Diligent, creative and ambitious, he...

Hotseat - Peter Sagnia

805_hotseatPeter Sagnia has been involved in the creative arts for more than 20 years. Originally from London, he attended Anna...

Hotseat - LaRich

804_HotseatLucinda Chana Audain (29) is a dreamer and I believe in making her dreams a reality. This ambitious youth returned to...

Hotseat - Urmain "Youmay" Dormoy

803_hotseat__UrmainYoumayDormoy1Urmain Alphonse "Youmay" Dormoy has the country's best interest at heart when it comes to culture and keeping youths...

Hotseat - Shirley De Boer-Serbony

802_Hotseat_Shirley_2Shirley De Boer-Serbony is an energetic and inspiring woman who spends her time helping others find themselves. She...

Hotseat - Susy Piscione

801_hotseatIt's seldom that one meets someone who ignites a spark. Susy is exceptional; her positive attitude is infectious; she...

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